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Hi, Hayley.

Yup. Not too often, but I've gotten those pains. Could be neurological, could be secondary to problematic circulation in your lower legs (BP issues due to ANS disfunction). How long does it last?

I think, by the time we've had POTS/ANS for a few years, we've seen it all... :lol:

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Guest tearose

Can't be sure what is causing your pains...when I have had similar to these in my calves and feet it was from one of three sources...

They all resolved over time. Exposure to extreme cold temperature, pressure of lumbar spine on nerve problem, reaction to antibiotic (levaquin).

If it doesn't get better after a week I hope you go to the doctor for a look see!

feel better, tearose

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Hi Hayley, I can't explain why I used to have these same pains the first year I had POTS but I did. I also had the autonomic swelling of both calves, the left being substantially worse. Even today I have pains running down the side of my left leg into my foot that the orthopedist said was a form of sciatica--I always thought sciatica ran down the back of your hip into your leg but he said it is also possible to have it down the outside as well. Take care, Martha

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electric like shock pains should be evaluated by a neurologist--it can come from something simple, like a nerve that got aggravated from overstretching or exercise, but it can also be caused by things like carpal tunnel (wrist problem). See a neuro

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