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Another Blood Clot


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Hello all,

Back from the cleveland clinic and some bad news. Thye have found another blood clot in my leg. They have no idea why this is happening. As far as my blood work goes I have no issues that would lead to clotting. This is the second one in five months. It is really making life difficult. The pain is just awful. They did say that the pain is due to the amount of damage that the clot has done to my valves. Now I know that we have talked about pots and clots--(ha that rhymes) and there is no found connection, but isnt this a bit strange??

Any ideas or suggestions? What do your doctors say about this.

Smile today


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Mindy Lee,

I can't remember if you got tested for the anticardiolipin antibodies and lupus anticoagulant. These seem like they would be the only possible connections between POTS and clots because the antibodies might signal an autoimmune problem, and maybe your POTS could somehow be autoimmune.

Is surgery a possibility? What about a screen to prevent the clot from traveling?


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Guest tearose


I think Amy makes great suggestions!

It would be my instinct to keep working with a hematologist to get some answers as to what is happening with your clotting time...etc...

What did the Clinic suggest? Doesn't anyone besides you want answers?

You hopefully are also using special compression if it was suggested. Does anything relieve the pain?

keep us posted on what you decide to do, tearose

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