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Hi everyone!!


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It's been a while since I have posted just thought I would say hi to everyone. I'm always lurking but don't have much to say lately. This whole thing just has me majorly bummed out. Plus have gotten myself in a comfort zone that I need to snap out of. I have gotten too comfortable staying home, in my pj.s in front of the tv with my pillow, blanket and dogs. I'm extremely tired along with the other same ole' symptoms.

I hope everyone is moving along. Hugs to you all!!


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Hi, Sue. Glad you decided to show your tweetie-bird face and say a real hello. Been thinkin' bout you too and hoping you're doing ok. I had just 2 days of weekday tv, and I must say, it can probably get addictive! I've always loved Ellen Degeneres and was glad to finally see her show, and I watched Dr. Phil out of curiosity but decided that if I were home, I'd be a regular there too.

I hope you're able to stretch your legs too, though--are you able to get out and take those doggies for a walk around the block?

take care,


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Guest tearose

Hi Sue! Glad to have you back, pillow, blanket, bummed out and all! It is good to hear from you! Oh, how did things ever resolve with your funky knee cap? Did you do surgery?

Sure do understand that cozy feeling of the sofa!!! I just began to get my own butt on the treadmill! I think my body went into shock after only five minutes cause I felt really weird after only a few minutes! I'm not sure if it was my POTS or some shocked old endorphins kicking in but those 5 minutes made me feel loopy! :) I actually liked it! :) Maybe next week I'll feel like getting loopy again!

I just wanted to say hi to you too!

best regards, tearose

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Hi Sue,

How are you? I'm new to this forum since the last time you posted anything...so hello!! I know how addicting (and oddly comforting) the whole daytime sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-as-much-TV-as-possible routine is. I was homebound for about 2.5 years and for a lot of days the only thing that I could handle doing was watching TV! It was tough to break the habit, but oh so rewarding. Do you like reading? That's the other thing I did a lot of (when I felt up to it), and I still read a lot, though not for pleasure--I'm a college student now. :huh:

Wishing you the best and hope to hear more from you,

Kristin ;)

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