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New Possible Mast Cell...questions Re Rashes?


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Hi All

Just recently my internist has mentioned he thinks I may be suffering from Mast Cell Disorder along with POTS...I am still waiting to have testing done. I have done a little research but am confused about the rash symptoms? I have had a prickly rash (looks like small pimples or heat rash plus some larger brownish red spots) all over my back and torso for over 2 weeks...(in fact it was this that tipped my internist off) it is not going away is it normal for mast cell to produce a rash every day? and not go away?? will it go away with treatment? it is very itchy also. The other thing I have noticed is if I scratch my skin even in the slightest it turns bright red and raises and takes along time to go away ( I can practically write my name and have it show lol!) Would love any input....the rash is driving me bonkers!!


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Hi Bren-

I don't know too much about the specifics of the cutaneous part of mast cell disorders. You certainly demonstrate dermatographism, with your red raised marks after slight scratches, which is indicative of a mast cell disorder.

Other conditions you might want to look into are: urticaria pigmentosa and telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans, both of which are indicative for mastocytosis. The jury is out on whether or not, the latter two are permanent.

Dermatographism can usually be well controlled with a good MCAD regimen.

Let us know what you find out.


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