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Low Iron Binding Capacity ???


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All of my other ranges on the CBC & Metabolic panel are normal

but the iron binding capacity came back low......what do you think???

My labs are as follows:

hematocrit 39.2 35.0-45.0

hemoglobin 13.5 11.7-15.5

ferritin 32 10-232

% Saturation 46 15-50

Iron, total 97 40-175

Iron Binding capacity 210 (L) 250-450

Dr's says NORMAL....is she correct?



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Well, that's interesting, but I don't really know what to make of it. I would be curious as to what it means, also. I am STILL waiting to hear back on the majority of my labs that I had done almost a month ago, and very curious about my iron panel. Is that what that is that you had done, the iron panel?

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yes the iron panel and cbc, metabolic panel. It's strange. I have had strange iron levels before. My ferritin has gone up from 27 to 32 in about 3 months once I started back on my multi vitamin with iron. I have an appt with my neurologist (non pots expert) on Wed so I will ask her then post her comment.

Wonder why your dr is taking so long to get you your results??? I nag my dr's ..hehehe


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I nag, too, but it seems the lab didn't send them. Then, when I called the lab, the finally sent them, but then the doctor's office said they didn't receive them. Talk about me **rolling eyes** last week! It's like nobody knows what they are doing! I called all parties back, and FINALLY the labs got there Thursday afternoon. And, still no word on the results. Ugghhh! I just emailed them to let them know that I will be waiting to hear the results and would like a copy. I am hoping that will get them to respond.

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