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Ribose Treatment for Fribromyalgia


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Thanks for the link! Very interesting!

I did a very quick check because that didn't really tell me what ribose was. This helped a bit:


Sounds like there is some real promise for FM. Hope we hear more about it soon!

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Ribose is one of the many super sugars that are really starting to take a spotlight in medicine research. This area of study "glycobiology" or "glyconutrients" looks at several neccessary sugars/carbs that our cells need to communicate. Many of these super sugars have been show to inhibit tumors, cancers, and bacterial and viral infections in animals and now humans. Ribose, specifically has been shown to increase energy. There's a book called "Sugars that Heal" if anyone is interested in reading more about these "good sugars". (These aren't sugars that you get by eating candy bars! So don't rush out and buy a jumbo bag of Snickers! :)

I take a product called Ambrotose; which has all the necessary sugars for our cellular communication.

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Thanks, Gena!

I used to take Ambrotose, but could see no improvement after using a number of their products for many months. It wasn't what my body needed. But your explanation helped, since the other sites didn't mention anything about ribose being a glyconutrient. Now it makes better sense to me.

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