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What Is Mestinon? Is It Like Florinef?


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I have been on Mestinon for about four months now. I initally had a lot of issues getting on it, I think due to the fact that my cardiologist perscribed a rather large dose to start. My cardiologist perscribed it because the Florinef alone was not doing enough for me anymore, and it is a medicine intended for mysthenia gravis. He said for us with POTS it works on a ganglion in our chest (near our heart) to help us compensate for changes in position better.

I'm sorry I don't know much more about it, if you look online it just really talks about it for it's usefulness in people with MG. Right now I take 15mg once or twice a day depending on how I am feeling and I always take 30 mg at night before bed. I initally was supposed to take 60 mg once in the morning and once before bed, I took one 60 mg pill and broke out in sweats, vomited multiple times, bad diahrea. Once my dose was lowered to 30 mg morning and night, I had what felt like a flutter in my back and chest which was unbelievably uncomfortable, lots of muscle aches and twitching. I took it once without food and felt like my throat was closing and had problems speaking so went to the hospital, and they said it was just a side effect from having too large of a dose , and it had tensed up my vocal cords.

If you are thinking about going on it, start very slow (I do quarter tablets during the day) and ALWAYS take with food and LOTS of water/ gatorade. Results have not been outstanding for me, but it has only been 4 months. If I don't take it I get headaches and dizzy though, so I believe it's helping me. Worst side effect I have now from it is brain fog and fullness feeling in my head.

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