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Do you react strongly when the pressures fall or it is raining (or snowing - don't really want to think about it!) My son had major jerks yesterday and it was raining and cooler, in the 80's, when it has been unusually hot and dry for weeks. School is coming and this isn't a good sign. Raining again today and having trouble getting up.

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The weather and drops makes a difrent to me. Sometimes more than other. I hear most pots patiens complain about the heat. Not a bigg problem here. But the temp can fall quikly, and it rains a lot. Has been two weeks whit warmer and not so rainy, lovely for my body.

Not hot, but warm.Between 14-22 c during, the last two days heavy rain and drop in temp. I feel it in my head and my body.

I wish i lived where it was a litle warmer and lilte less rain. B)

We are now planning to install heat in the floors, warm wather :D

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You know, I wonder if it affects me. Yesterday, we had storms roll in here and that was the first time it had rained in weeks. It's been hovering at 100 or above here since June pretty much consistently. But yesterday, after several good days, I felt like garbage all day. I'm just not sure if it was because I had worked out pretty intensely for 3 days prior to that, had a big cup of coffee the night before, or because of the rain. I wonder.

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