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Dr. Fouad @ Cleveland Clinic - Your Experiences?


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Greetings - I have an October appointment with Dr. Fouad at the Cleveland Clinic. My objective is to get to the bottom of what is really causing my symptoms (in brief they have gotten bad/gotten better/now are bad again), and to validate/refute some of my diagnosis(s) that have been handed to me over the years.

Have you had any experiences with Dr. Fouad that you can share please? I located her name on the DINET website list of doctors and am hoping to hear good things from those of you who have been seen by Dr. Fouad.

Thank you,


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Hi Brassmuse!

I was diagnosed by her last year after my TTT. She is extremely busy and likes concise answers to her questions, so be prepared for that. At the time I was so relieved to get a dx of orthostatic hypotension, I didn't inquire in detail about the exact cause, but I am going back in September and plan to ask more about it then. She did prescribe compression hose and to continue fluids/salt.

She is very kind but you don't get a whole lot of time for chit chat. But she really knows her stuff. I do hope you get some answers; best of luck :)

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I had a not so good experience. I'm unsure how much I can elaborate. It was follow-up I had waited six months for and I'd had five hospitalizations in those six months. I was eager to see if my medication could be adjusted so that I could be more stable. But my appointment was disappointing. PM if you want the details, I suppose.

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hi guys!

just wanted to let you know that according to the forum rules you can't elaborate on any negative experiences you had with a doctor/hospital. so you did the right thing sugartwin, to write your appointment was disappointing and keep the rest of it to discuss via pm. thanks for understanding and well done!!

i hope your appointment will go well brassmuse and that you'll get the answers you're looking for.

take care,

corina :)

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