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Lift Chair In Stairway-Elevator?


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Does anybody here have one?

Are they terribly expensive.

I looked online and I saw the Sofia chair looks nice.

They don't list a price so I'm curious.

Looking online at houses I saw a 2 story.

I have issues with stairs-I get tachycardia and shortness of breath.

We have 4 kids so I'd like a 4 bedroom if possible.

I've always liked 2 story houses and felt limited but then the thought crossed my mind that maybe a lift would work.

I'm not sure how practical this is.

Any experience?

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Understand lieze that I am answering in a professional capacity and not personal here. I live in a garden level apt with just a couple of steps so no need for modifications; however, for the last 6 years I have worked for an organization that assists people in getting home modifications for accessibility purposes.

I presume you are talking about a stair ride to help you get from the 1st level to the 2nd?

There will never be a price listed on a website for this. Mostly because the stair ride itself has to be customed to the steps. It will cost more if there are more steps. If there is a curve or a landing then the cost of the stair ride will almost double.

If the stairs are a straight rise, the cost will be anywhere from $3,000 - $6,500 with installation dependant on the length of the steps.

If there is a curve in the stairs, then it can easily be upwards of $10-13K with installation. Please keep in mind that any outstanding electrical issues can potentially raise the cost as well as if the steps have any structural damage.

Acorn Stair Lifts has an excellent website as far as information goes. I believe they will even send out an informational DVD to prospective customers as well.


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Lieze, I'm assuming you live in a home without stairs at the moment? Have you considered trying to get your body accustomed to climbing stairs?

I used to have dreadful problems with heart rates over 200 climbing the stairs at work. I gradually made my body cope by climbing very slowly, one step at a time. My tendency was to get to the top quickly and then sit down. I started just going up 3-4 steps then back down and gradually increased the number of stairs until I could manage 13 at once (most UK houses have 13 stairs per floor).

I used to rent an apartment but now own a small house. I was really worried as the only bathroom is upstairs but mostly I can now walk up with just a bit of tachycardia. If I am having a really bad day I use my hands and feet for extra balance / safety but I've been in the house nearly 2 years and have not yet fallen or fainted on the stairs. Maybe you could work with a physical therapist on stair climbing - they often have sets of 3-4 stairs to teach people who are recovering from strokes etc.

Just my opinion. I hope you get to live in exactly the sort if house you want and if that means a stair-lift or some physio then good luck!!


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I've had the same experience as Flop. When I first got POTS taking the stairs used to make me very sick. After a while I started practicing and then I got the hang of it. Going slow and climbing the stairs 2 feet at a time helps too. Though if you can find a house without stairs, that is always better!

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