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My starting point on this issue was reading the article "Hyperadrenergic POTS in Mast Cell Activation Disorder" (Shibao et al, 2005). They noted that some people with hyper POTS also have flushing, and measured urine methylhistamine to classify some as having MCAD. In the article, they point out that it's not clear whether the excessive activity of the sympathetic nervous system in POTS is causing the mast cell disorder or the other way around, but it seems to be some kind of vicious cycle.

Mast cell disorders are an emerging and controversial topic I have found. You can read about them at www.tmsforacure.org and see if the symptoms seem to fit you. In MCAD (also called MCAS now) they think that a genetic mutation of mast cells causes them to fall apart more easily than they should, in response to a whole variety of "triggers" (stress, chemicals, alcohol...see list of triggers on tms). It seems that having MCAD either causes some of us to develop POTS (or the other way around) or somehow the two occur together. Some of us find that we also have hereditary connective tissue disorders like EDS.

There is a good youtube video made by Dr. Castells and some other docs you may want to watch - look up "Mast Cell Activation" and it is in three parts. I also really like the recent article written by Dr. Molderings and Dr. Afrin about identifying and treating MCAS.

Hope this helps. It's complicated and I am not an expert, just learning myself.

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Since Sarah4 wrote about the movies on the youtube, I've looked them up. Here's the starting link (can't post them all):

OMG, oh WOW! Good that I've seen those videos! I have demographism, urticaria and folliculitis, and my allergist doesn't know what to think about that yet.. Now I can refer her to something!

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