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Environment Causing Issues?


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Okay this is a tough one...

I know we have talked about mold before here and we had mold in our house 2 years ago that we got cleaned up.

With that experience my tip off was we had a mouse that died and our cat died 2 months later.

I had my cardiac ablation and when I got back from the hospital I couldn't walk across the floor without feeling like I was going to collapse.

I went to my moms and felt a bit better but moving out of the environment but I obviously still had issues.

I was still symptomatic.

I have felt that way at work and also at my in laws.

My doctor thought I was probably allergic to mold but on my skin test that came up negative.

Well I'm staying at my moms now here again 2 years later.

In the five days that I've been here I've experienced gradual overall improvement.

They do not have a bath tub and I wanted to take a bath so I went home and was engulfed almost right away by horrible cat odor.

My husband tries to use a powder on the carpet and it only makes it worse.

I would describe it as burning my lungs, my nostrils felt tender as if they were going to be raw...

I felt nausea, like I had to work hard to stay calm or I would end up on the verge of collapse.

The basement had

a stench to it that is not like cat urine.

The only thing I can think of is we have a pipe that goes directly to the creek.

I wonder if something weird could be growing in that and if the spores could be coming up into our basement.

Cat urine is gross.

I do not know where the cat is peeing.

It's just at a point where it is bad. I don't know where to

start. It's like we need to just totally get rid of the cat.

I'm sorry to say that to all cat lovers but I don't know what went wrong with this cat.

Try to get the carpets cleaned???

We had our place retested for mold about a year ago and it was good. I think though the basement would be the place to test.

The house just reeks and I don't know if being out of it for a while I am more sensitive going back in-but I can see

where I can hardly do anything there I can't breathe in that place!!!!

I noticed I felt I was on the verge of one of my bad episodes where I call 911.

Husband also had the tumors in his belly has reported

feeling sick lately and says he doesn't feel nauseated until he comes home at night and then it starts.

It was so frustrating going over there.

I didn't hardly have any clothes with me here at my moms but I could not function in that environment to find any.

I did not say anything to husband about it yet.

I felt like once again we are under a lot of stress and here I am again blaming the house for my issues.

We had been cat free for a year and in that year I was more functional.

And I have declined again-wow!

What do you do?

Have other people dealt with this?

I need to stay out and regain my health #1.

it's horrible for anyone in a situation like that-the

environment makes you sicker and sicker to the point where even when you do realize what's causing it---you don't have the strength to clean it up.

My mom and dad are just looking at me like I just let the cat pee all over the place and don't clean it up.

I saw on a new cat show that cat pee shows up under a black light.

The kids seem healthy-they just get headaches.

I sure hope that you all don't think I'm trashy as you read

this...I'm really not sure how we ended up in a cat pee infested house. I think it has a way of accumulating and we don't know the spot it's happening in there is just a horrible sick odor in the air.


Anybody else question whether their environment is triggering symptoms?

Mold, cat pee, someone told me to check for radon gas?

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The very first thing to do is to make sure the cat doesn't have a medical problem. I know that might not sound like the first priority in your life right now, but it could explain why he/she is urinating outside the box. Plus, is the box kept clean daily? Cats can be really fussy about using a dirty box. Also, sometimes they don't like the type of litter. Clay vs. paper pellets vs. corn (my personal favorite) etc.

Cat urine is awful, and the longer it stays there, the harder it is to clean up. I hope the kitty is well and you can solve this problem. It probably does smell worse when you go back after awhile, but unfortunately it was there all along. I have a lot of field experience in this area, sad to say!

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I have 4 cats and it is truly essential to make sure their litter box area is cleaned/scooped out daily. My cats are really good with going in the litter box, so I am thankful. However you have to make sure the cat has a good litter area and it is kept clean or they will go outside of the box. One of my cats was having problems and we found out she had a UTI and once we took care of that, the peeing in other places stopped.

However some cats are picky and will go outside of the box for any number of reasons. There's a really good cat book I recommend reading called Cat vs Cat. Even though the book is aimed at houses with more than 1 cat, I think it's good for all cat owners who are having behavioral issues. The book really goes into everything you are having trouble with and there's an entire section on litterbox problems. Amazon has the book for $10 and I think I bought it at one of the big chain pet stores.

Even if you get rid of the cat, you'll have to clean the carpets with the Nature's Miracle product or you don't actually get the pee smell/protein out of the carpets.

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