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Not Sure How To Describe


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I am not sure how to explain this symptom... my cat was on the back of my couch and went to step down on my shoulder, it was painful, then started itching. I also have lower back pain, and when my bf rubs my back its very painful, and itches. The itching does not feel like its on my skin, it feels like it inside. Anyone heard of it?

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I don't exactly have that, but something similar. When I get my flushes, they start mid-back, then go up to my head. As they begin and go upwards, it is like an internal itching. It isn't anything I could scratch on the skin. Once that "surge" is over, the internal itching goes away. It happens over about 30 seconds.

Never had that before in my life.

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My son had something similar on Thursday. We were on vacation on the beach just walking, when he suddenly started feeling itchy. So we went to return to our condo and the itching became extreme also now with severe chest and back pain. But the itching was getting some relief by us massaging his chest and back, not scratching it. He felt the itching was more on the inside, he couldn't explain it.

We took him to a near by Urgent Care since the pain was so extreme. The doctor, who coincidentally knew about dysautonomia(go figure an Urgent Care doctor has more knowledge about it than many others we've seen) thought his POTS was kicking into overdrive from a 2 day old sunburn, jellyfish sting and exertion from walking on the beach. After giving him a prednisone shot he quickly started feeling better.

The doctor explained the prednisone would help with the sunburn inflammation and help his system deal with it all. He also gave him a 5 day prescription for the prednisone and he has had 2 very good days while taking it. We'll see what the next three days bring while still on this script.


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