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Lotusflower, Integrative Md's

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You had asked what an Integrative MD is. Integrative medicine uses all avenues of therapies to help. Not just one thing like reg. docs that only know prescriptions.

It integrates all care, acupunture, supplements, regular medicine, etc. With most integrative MD's there is a lot of additional study. Conferences, travel etc. My doctor constantly stays on top of all of the supplements and how they help my symptoms and overall health.. She knows about hormones, and other therapy too. The two integrative MD's I have had have been much more knowledgable about blood testing, supplements, hormones, etc. I have never had help from reg. doctors with my CFS and POTS. The reg. docs know about their specialty or general things they learn in med school.

They recongnise that the body is a whole, all parts work together. They see the big picture. They understand nutrition, reg. medicine that reg docs know, they help with immune and hormonal imbalance.

It is complimetary med, using all safe therapies that help. It is usually a combination of things that help.

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I just found one in our area.

He is an md.

When I looked under his awards he is accredited by an integrative medicine group.

The down side is he is in his 60's so I'm not sure how much longer he'll be practicing medicine.

I know my husband went to him after dislocating a hip and he gave him some type of injections into it and it seemed to help him.

I know this doctor did lose his license for a while years back. I'm not sure what caused it....

I guess it's something to keep on the back burner depending on what I find out.

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That sounds similar. As long as an MD is there. The integrative doctors use all kinds of things to help, but they are Medical Doctors, just better since they know more. Of course each one is different as every MD is. They do not use ALL holistic or ALL western type etc, just a great balance and they should have great blood testing. Good luck! :D

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