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Major Relapse Today

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I had been feeling so well for the last year that I had resumed working part time. Today was feeling great until 4 pm when I had a sudden onset of overwhelming nausea, weakness, felt warm but no fever, shaky, several BMs within 30 minutes. It was so bad I had to ask another pet sitter to take over for me. That is just not OK.

Then I noticed a little while ago that I have many hives on my forehead. I have had these before in small amounts, but not for months. I do take food drops for 11 of my allergens, including wheat. However, I had more wheat bread today than normal, 4 slices instead of 2. For the last few days have had some light nausea and was trying to get my weight back up. I am wondering if this reaction could be food intolerance? I feel like such a dummy asking this because I would probably tell someone else OF COURSE. But this reaction was so bad that I had to cancel clients and it really scares me. The worst was over within two hours but now I just feel washed out and not 100%. Stomach still feels awful.

What on earth just happened???

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You know, that does make sense. I actually took a Claritin the other day when I first saw the hives because I wanted to avoid bloodshot eyes if possible. I don't really know if it made a difference or not that time, but I'll try it again because I'm still feeling lousy five hours later. Thanks as always :rolleyes:

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I think you do need feedback-we need to be able to talk this out as obvious as it may seem.

My stomach often feels upset after a food reaction.

I am wondering if we're just going to have some of that at this point but I'm a newbie to allergy restrictions.

I hope in time my technique improves and I avoid the reactions.

It does sound like some type of allergy reaction to me especially with the hives-so far I just get the other more internal symptoms which seems weird to me.

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