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Hello, has anyone had a SPECT scan(this is different from MRI or Brain scan). If so were your results abnormal? My pots symptoms have improved but still feel like I have very poor perfusion to my brain and still can't work after 5yrs. It really affects my concentration and memory, I am in "outerspace" all the time.

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Have you had a nuclear medicine SPECT scan? Or are you seeking an imaging procedure that can help sort out your cognitive issues? I ask, because your physician will likely be confused if you request a SPECT scan.

A SPECT scan, which stands for Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, is really just the method in which images are taken in nuclear medicine. In other words, SPECT is a type of 3-D imaging. You may be familar with PET imaging which is different method of obtaining 3-D images. Nuclear Medicine procedures require a radiopharmaceutical (sometimes called a tracer) to get the images. The radiopharmaceutical is comprised of a pharmaceutcal that is targeted to a specific tissue type or organ system and then the radioisotope (radioactive) which sends microscopic rays of light that are picked up by the SPECT camera and converted to an image on a computer. Different radiopharmaceuticals are used to image the brain, heart, bones, lungs, gall bladder, or other organs as well as to localize neuroendocrine tumors, such as carcinoid or pheochromocytoma. Your physician will order the scan by either organ system, such as Bone Scan or Lung Scan or by indicating the radiorharmaceutical, such as I-131 MIBG, or Cardiolite Stress Test.

MRI and CT are other methods of obtaining 3 D imaging of the body.

I also have signicant cognitive issues that come and go throughout the day. Unfortunately, I am unaware of a nuclear medicine procedure that can quantify or qualify cognitive issues. Nuclear brain scans are typically used to observe the brain pre and post seizure, look for brain tumors, or identify Alzheimers and dementia.



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By far my major symptom is what I call brain fog. I am convinced that the majority of my symptoms are due to lack of blood flow to my head. I just had a transcranial doppler in conjunction with a tilt test which showed I have a drop in cranial blood pressure upon tilt. My Dr. said that a normal healthy person should never show a drop in blood pressure to the head.

I did have a SPECT scan about 5 years ago in connection with something else my Dr.'s thought I had going on(A very long story). I now know what was going on was POTS. Anyway, it showed a mild pattern of global hypoperfusion. The SPECT scan is done laying down so I am not sure how accurate it will be for us potsies. I now no this is what is causing my symptoms but still have not found anything to help it.

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