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I used to be a very active member of DYNA. If you were a member in or before December 2004, then you probably have seen a post from me!! I was recently kicked out of DYNA. ;) The bottom line is that the President of DYNA did not want to accept that I am being healed through nutrition and did not want me to share that with other people. I see it only as my duty to share this with others. It is then up to each individual to decide which treatment is right for them; but, everyone should be aware of all options before they make a decision. You know?

Anyway, I'm wondering how certain DYNA members are doing. Specifically, Peanut, who was in the hospital when I was kicked out. I'm really hoping she's ok. We used to talk a lot and I miss her. :( I used to have her contact info, but lost it when I lost DYNA membership.

Thanks and Best Wishes! :)


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Welcome to our forum. All are welcome here as long as you follow the rules listed here:


Healing, via nutrition, medicine, or other means, is a gift. I hope that you continue to improve.


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To any other DYNA members,

Posting information about other members is forbidden on any other forums.


I respect DYNA and the president's descions in terminating/supsending members, as there is always a good reason. DYNA doesn't allow any information of it's members to be posted in any other forums. When you joined you accepted the rules, and then you broke them, plain and simple.


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I don't want to cause any problems with my response to this post, but I do feel that I have to say something. I don't think that it's right to talk bad about the DYNA president just because you have some personal issues with her. Now I am not familiar with what the circumstances were leading up to your termination from DYNA because that is between you and the president.

I agree with Susie though and I fully support the president because I'm sure there was a good reason. After all, members are not terminated for petty reasons.

To the other DYNA members: It IS against DYNA rules to post any information about any members on other forums. I would just keep that in mind when you are responding to this post. You agreed to those rules when you joined and you promised not to break them.

I am sorry if someone disagrees with me, but that is how I feel. I think that no matter what forum you are a member of, they all need to be positive places so that new members don't walk into a negative environment and get the wrong impression off the bat. And obviously "bashing" other forums is not a way to maintain a positive attitude.


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Okay folks, this is not the place for this conversation. I'm locking the topic. If you wish to continue your discussion, please do so via private email. Thanks,

Nina, moderator.

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