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Sweating Question

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I understand that dry skin and sweating issues are symptoms of dysautonomia, but I'm a little confused about the relationship. I've noticed that the skin on my arms can get pretty wrinkly/flaky...like it is dehydrated. However, I can produce sweat like crazy in these same areas during a workout. So, if I can sweat like a pig on a particular patch of skin...how can it also be "dry and flaky" as well?

Here's a picture of my (really) sweaty arm that also sheds dry skin like no tomorrow:


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There are two functions of the small nerve fibers in your skin: vasomotor and sudomotor. The vasomotor nerves control the diameter of the blood vessels. The sudomotor nerves control sweating. Either one is an autonomic function. I have POTS and obvious discoloration of my arms or legs when they hang down, so I have vasomotor neuropathy. The sweat test is what tests for sudomotor neuropathy (and the QSART too, I think?).

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