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Hello, forgive me as I am still very new here. I joined to help a friend and have since been going through a nightmare with him and the MSA he has. My friend had come down with pnuemonia and was admitted into the hospital. all seemed to be going well and after 4 days he was about to be released to go home. on Monday night he begged me to come and stay at the hospital he had a bad feeling something was about to happen. I decided to spend the night and now I am glad I did. after he was given his meds, IV antibiotics, Iv Steroids which he had been recieving all along while there and ativan to control the violent tremors from the albuterol in the nebulizer treatments he was hooked up to the ipap machine for the sleep apnea. all seemed fine until around 3 am when I was awaked by his loud breathing and thrashing around in the bed. he ripped the ipap mask off and he was obviously in distress. the nurses continued to come in every hour or so and I would ask what was going on they replied this was normal for him. at 6 am he became highly agitated and began to have even more violent tremors and he catapulted out of the bed to the floor where he seemed to be having seizures (HE HAD BEEN UNCONCIOUS ALL THE WHILE). the hospital staff was useless and they just kept giving him more and more IV drugs ativan and then haldol all awhile he became worse eventually he coded and they intubated him. he has been in a coma since. he came to with another violent episode after the initial 24 hours and went back into the coma. he has been in the ccu since the first episode and now I am told he had a history of being psychotic and the meds they gave him may have brought on the seizures. I dont understand any of the things that are happening and wondered if anyone here could shed some light on this. My friend is also a member here though I am not sure he had posted in along time. his name is Brian Markey from shrewsbury mass. Please if you are friends of his, know him or have any info that may help me understand this situation please email me either on the group or off list at brenzi@AOL.COM right now I am waiting word on weather they had enplugged the life support equipment or have a prognosis. thank you

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Guest tearose

I'm sorry for this situation. I don't know your friend, and would feel awkward talking about this anyway. Please find a doctor you can trust and find his family or guardian to help you.

sincerely, tearose

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I had a situation this summer where I had pneumonia and didn't know it. My husband found me uncounsious and had me transported to the hospital. I was intubated for three weeks, and they can't give the best amount of sodiun during that time. I was lucky and walked out of there. When your friewnd gets better make sure that he gets help for psychosis......because there is also "Post ICU Psychosis" which blows. So having the knowledge that this does happen helps.


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