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Finally gave in

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Well I finally broke down and gave in. I have been trying to work for the past year. I had dropped down to parttime hoping that would help, but no such luck. So if you could all keep your fingers crossed that my STD & LTD Insurance gets approved I would appreciate it. I have been holding out, hoping to see Dr Grubb again but it doesn't look like that will happen :blink: He was my miracle worker once before, lets hope someone is working miracles for him


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Hi Lisa,

Sorry to hear you have to give up your job. I will pray that you will get your insurance and that you'll be able find comfort and healthier days when you don't have the pressure and stress of going to work each day. I am sure it's not easy to give that up, but when a door closes, God opens a window for us. Take care and keep us posted. :blink:


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please do not feel that you 'gave in' or 'gave up'. it sounds like you tried all avenues to be able to keep working.

i am not able to work either and sometimes it really gets to me and i beat myself up about it...

but, it sounds like you made the right choice based on your functioning right now...

i am sorry that you had to stop working...


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Guest tearose

Dear Lisa, I am sorry that you had to reluctantly give up your job. I pray you will find something wonderful to fill the space. I hope this just opens the doors to many opportunities that you can't even see right now! Until then, I am sorry for what this condition took from you.

I will keep my fingers crossed for your insurance to come through.

Maybe Grubb's office will give you some advise ...you will not be the only one who needs to get help while Dr. Grubb works on getting stronger. Can you write and old fashioned note and send it to his office?

Good luck with all the changes, best wishes, tearose

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