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Dr. Grubb's condition/Update


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Hi Everyone:

I spoke with Debbie again today at MCO and she gave me the update on Dr. Grubb. He had surgery this morning. There is no news yet on the outcome.

She did say that Dr. Grubb himself is taking this very seriously and suspects that it is in fact cancer. She said he is very worried, and that his health has been declining over the past months.


I asked Debbie if there was something we could do to help. She said that it would be helpful if I could get the word out that he is extremely ill and that if people could avoid calling unless it is absolutley necessary it would help immensely.

She said the best case scenario (no cancer) would still keep him out of commission for the next month. They are not expecting him to see any patients for at least a month. They will have an alternate doctor for people to see if they have scheduled appointments. She also said that many people don't want to see the alternate doctor (which I can completely understand...no one could ever replace Dr. Grubb.) and that some have been less-than-pleasant about not being able to see him. So, please know that it is for GOOD REASON that doctor Grubb is unavailable right now.

We can only hope and pray that he has a full recovery....again...for him...and for us.

I have made arrangements to speak with Debbie again in the next few days to get an update on the outcome of the surgery. I, of course, will keep you all posted.

Worry and concern has consumed me ever since I heard this horrible news. For me, Dr. Grubb has been my lifeline....my biggest source of support and hope. He is a VERY special human being.


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Guest Julia59

Thanks for the information Kristen. He is still in my prayers. I will also try and get in contact with the receptionist by swinging by MCO. If she looks busy, I will not bother her. But if she has no one waiting, I will slip by and ask how things are going. It takes about two minutes for me to get to MCO.

I have also heard on how unpleasent people have been when calling in. So sad.

I'm not familiar with Debbie though. :unsure:

Take Care,

Julie :0)

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It always amazes me how selfish some people can be--I know that we can be a needy group with regard to medical care, but some seem to forget that doctors are human and subject to all the frailties of the rest of humanity...exhaustion, illness, etc... and instead of asking if the doctor is okay, they immediately make assumptions about being brushed off and dive into being impatient and blasting the person on the other side of the desk, phone, whatever.

Bums me out sometimes--not just in this instance, but at any doctor's office when the doc might be running late, behind, whatever (granted, there are some docs who deserve a good verbal thrashing, but there ARE some good ones). I usually think to myself about the people who are sicker than me and likely to have needed more time--and am thankful that I'm not the REALLY sick one that day. Sometimes it's my turn to be THAT person who is in a crisis and taking up extra time. Sometimes I'm the one waiting.

Okay, I seem to have jumped right back into the swing of things with a rant...

Anyway, thanks for the update--regardless of whether or not he's able to work again or not, I hope that he's able to be on the road to feeling well, rested, and pain-free.


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(Worry and concern has consumed me ever since I heard this horrible news. For me, Dr. Grubb has been my lifeline....my biggest source of support and hope. He is a VERY special human being.) I SECOND THIS!

I also think that it's horrible that people are so impatient but in their defense hopefully they don't realize the situation or they too might be sympathetic. I answer a phone all night long and know how short we can be with callers too, so maybe the staff is feeling a little overwhelmed during this trying time.

I think it's fair to say that until you've experienced a situation yourself, you can't begin to imagine what it's like to be truly in it. So people that have never experienced real health issues or chronic illness can't even begin to imagine, at least I didn't and I've worked in the medical community for over a decade - What An Eye Opener!

Welcome back Nina.

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I am praying for him. Though he is always busy, he never failed to return my calls even if it was from his car on the way home late at night. I only visited him once, but he taught me so much and relieved a lot of the anxiety I was feeling about my condition.

I still have about 90 minutes of digital video tape of his sessions from the 2002 NDRF conference in DC that I hope to make available once I am feeling better if anyone is interested (I'll post about it when I'm up to the chore!).

I pray he is resting comfortably and gets some good news.

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I really, really hope that Dr. Grubb begins to recover. He isn't my doctor, but I know how much he's done for dysautonomia. Just a suggestion....do you think that it would be possible to get him some kind of gift/donation in his name, through an online effort? He's done so much for so many people here. I don't even know if this is possible, and haven't thought out any of the logistics, but I was thinking that maybe it could be done jointly through different websites (dinet, ndrf, dyna....). Maybe it wouldn't work, but I just think that he'd deserve it.


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A different side of Dr. Grubb. Following my husband's first consultation with Dr. Grubb in 2003, he sent a package that contained not only research articles on dysautonomia, but other, non-medical writings of his. I just did a search on the internet to see if some of them were available online and below are links to several of his articles:



I just thought some of you might appreciate reading these while he is so much in our prayers.

Note: I don't know why but I have four articles listed but only two show up when I post. I've tried several times to get the other two to show. MightyMouse - can you help?

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