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Concerned About The Information I'm Reading


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It is a protein found in foods.

A non essential amino acid which means we can produce it on our own from other amino acids we do not need to have an external source.

Well it's in all protein foods.

Mono Sodium Glutamate is in so many things,

I know I am allergic have a migraine type reaction when eating it, but glutamic acid is broken down to glutamate in the body.

Right now I am not able to tolerate meats at all.

I tried a bit of chicken the other night and almost an hour after eating I felt a bit sweaty, Bp went up, anxious just a bad feeling.

Glutamate is has an excitatory type reaction.

It is linked to autism, epilepsy, ALS and other nervous system disorders.

I read a lot of info by a veterinarian on this subject by the name of Dogtor J.

He has treated epileptic dogs with a special diet and seen a reduction in seizures.

It is possible to produce an antibody against glutamate.

They find this in mainly women who have just been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

This antibody is also found with stiff man syndrome which I know we had a case of here.

So many of us are looking for the source of what is attacking our nervous system.

What if it is the very food we are eating.

I am limited right now to fruits. Like apple, banana, I eat canned peaches, I can drink milk, I can eat egg but sometimes get a tiny reaction with this. I can drink milk, and yogurt. This is what I'm living on right now along with ensure.

This also ties in to a story I read when I researched panic attacks after eating.

The one story was of a girl who had her first one after eating a steak with too much seasoning,

Then she started reacting to all kinds of other meats and assumed it was panic.

I wonder now if it was the MSG that triggered her sensitivity to the glutamate which is in all meats in whopping concentrations.

I'm not trying to scare everybody.

I am down to 90 pounds and so frustrated because I would love to just be able to eat but I can't without having a very scary reaction that makes me swear if I just live through it I'll never do that again.

Has anyone else looked into this?

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I have that reaction, but for me, its the blood pooling in my stomache when i digest it. I know for sure because when my POTS was good I didnt have this problem. NOw that my POTS is at an all time bad, i can barely eat without feeling like im giong to pass out or have a panic attack. Its horrible. 90 pounds is pretty small. You need to find a way to eat or get food in your body by other means. What has your doctor said about this?

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Hi....I have trouble eating any leftover meats after a couple of days along with canned meat and lunchmeat. They all have histamines in them. So that sets me off and I only eat freshly cooked meat. I was getting pretty small too and I got on a special diet of fresh fruits, fresh veggies, maybe some eggs, raw nuts, raw honey, and a small serving of fresh cooked meat per day.

On a side note, I just spoke to an extremely informed doctor at the Mayo Clinic yesterday about POTS. He did say for me to eat small meals with no carbohydrates, and to drink a small cup of coffee WITH the meal. He said not before or after. It has to be with. He said that only works for POTS people that have symptoms after eating and to just be aware of how it makes me feel. Some can tolerate it and some can't but the ones that can get a lot of relief. He said the coffee prevents the rush to the gut for digestion that causes so many POTS symptoms in us.

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I had looked up postparandial hypotension months ago and found something about research they had been doing giving caffeine with the meal to elderly that had a problem with bp dropping after meals.

The caffeine is supposed to help stabilize the blood pressure.

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