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starting out the new year with surgery


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On Jan.3 2005, I am having the 2nd part of my back surgery. A great way to start the new year, there goes my new years resolution - I was going to give up doctors and hospitals this year, but that resolution will not last long.

When i had the 1st part of my back surgery, i was pleasantly pleased with my doctors attitude towards POTS- he basically trusted me and listen, read, researched and did what I told him to. He discussed everything that had to do with POTS with me. As well as he did for Parkinson Disease. yes, it would be nice to have a doctor that knew everything, but i almost rather have a doctor that makes you feel like part of your health team and listens to you.

Anyways, i go in the 2nd-and will probably be there for 10 days. I will take notes on what to do and not to do with POTS and surgery.

Hope everybody has a great year.


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Hi Kathleen,

I'm very sorry your new year will start this way. But on the other hand when you've had this, you might be able to stick to your resolution and give up docs and hospitals for the rest of this year. I really hope you will get through this surgery smoothly (hope this is a correct word for it) and that you will do a little better afterwards. Good luck,


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Guest tearose

Good Morning Kathleen, How are you doing?

I hope this stage two of surgery went as planned and you will heal quickly and find much improvement.

Will you be doing physical therapy after this surgery? A ten day stretch is a long time...keep those toes wiggling at the very least! :)

How are you keeping yourself busy as you heal?

Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery, tearose

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