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Starting New Job After Not Working For A While - Very Anxious

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I'm starting a new job after not working for over a year and a half and feel like I'm having anxiety attacks over this.

I don't feel great with my POTS and have to take my medications to manage, but there is the 'you have to try to work and see how it goes to even think of applying for any help.' And I know I need more work 'credits' so Disability isn't really an option for me at this point.

So I'm stuck trying to work and making it through. It's a desk job, but you know those can be stressful but it isn't like nursing or factory work where I'd be on my feet all the time.

I also know it'll interfere with cleaning and 'having a life' - work will suck out most of my energy.

I tell myself it's worse because I haven't started yet and haven't got a schedule, but it's very stressful to me and if anyone can share some tips they do to make it through work with POTS I'd appreciate it.

Also, of course there's no parking and I do NOT do well on public transport because mornings are the hardest for me. I have to find hard-to-find street parking everyday and that's another stress to deal with...everything just feels overwhelming and I have to make this work out as best as possible.

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I know the feeling, I remember going back to work after being home for almost a year.

I was so nervous and worried but once I made it through the first day I realized hey this is something that I can do. I still have trouble when I have a flare but overall working helps me get my mind off things and makes me feel productive. Just remember to pace yourself and not be to hard on yourself. Im sure youll do great and its always worth a shot.

Best of luck!!!:-)

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Blondie -

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to tell myself that a big chunk of my anxiety is I've not done this in more than a year. Once I get in a routine I will hopefully be OK. I have to try.

It is so hard to work with a condition like POTS - it's so silent most people will never know we have it. And it is hard to explain. I don't even know who I will eventually tell but I know it will come up (I rarely have the energy to do after-work drinks and the such, even if my drink is a ginger ale).

I am glad I'm not 'alone' going through this. Being off for more than a year and then back to work is such a big change. I didn't mean for it to be this long, but in part its due to the job market so I should be thankful something came through!

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Your welcome!! I think a big part of managing our fears is knowing that we are not alone in this fight. That there are tons of other people going through the same exact thing and are suppporting us in our fight. I cant completely understand having pots is hard. We get ridiculed because its not something visible and most of our symptoms at this point are still unexplainable, people do not understand or even believe things they cannot see. And I completely understand, for me finding a pt job where Im sitting most the time and not in the heat was difficult and I know Im lucky to still have this position from missing alot of work.

Ill be thinking about ya on your first day and pray things go well!!:-)

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