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Started The Disability Process


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Ok, finally decided to get a disability lawyer and begin the process. Had my first phone interview with SS on Wednesday. We will see how it goes. Ended up in the ER lastnight for severe flare POTS, had 3 bags of fluids and blood work. My doctor is suggesting that home health come out to my house to administer IV fluids frequently to avoid having to go the the ER.

How can they NOT declare me disabled? In a wheelchair all the time, can't sit up for more than 2 hours at a time. I will fight them all the way!

Any suggestions for getting disability? I know I'll have to fight hard because my disability lawyer hasn't ever heard of POTS, so I will be coaching him too:(



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Hope it goes well for you!! I got the card you sent a while back. Hope the papers I sent help in some way. It's good that you are being seen right now for your flares, not only do you need the treatment but it also documents your symptoms!! Good luck and keep us posted! (my lawyer hadn't heard of it either. He also told me my chances were less on the 1st try because of my age, Hope it's a 1st time approval for you too)


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