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My Aarp Card Arrived Today


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My husband had fun with this one. I'm 48- Birthday in June. He's 49- Birthday in March. But, it was MY AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) card that arrived in the mail today. He decided that they must have stopped basing it on age & started counting number of prescriptions instead :D Based on that formula, my 18 y/o son should be expecting his any day now.

Too early!!!


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I had the same slap in the face, rude awakening just last week. I'll be 49 in March, and got my AARP invitation and couldn't believe their audacity. I have a WHOLE YEAR until I turn 50, darn it!



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If it makes you feel any better my boyfriend who just turned 31 last week gets mail from AARP all the time! Everytime something comes we laugh, I have no idea if they got something screwed up on a mailing list and think he is older than he really is or what is going on, but its good for a chuckle. If they base it on the number of prescriptions they must have gotten our address right but put his name instead of mine!

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