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MomtoGiuliana recognition day!

Guest tearose

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Guest tearose

Dear Katherine, I wanted to wish you a happy joining day anniversary but was sick at the time!

I thought it may be a helpful way to remind those here who help each other that they are appreciated! So the 18 should have been your day but hopefully this will do!

I want to thank you for giving of your time for the faces of dinet and for always giving me answers that make me think! I trust that you know how appreciated you are! Have a wonderful evening and again, thank you for being one of the gang!

hugs, tearose

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How sweet of you, and how nice it was to see and read your note.

I like your idea of recognizing members on their Dinet anniversaries!

Thank you so much for your kind words. This is such a special group of people and it is such a pleasure to participate. And--I learn so much from you and everyone, too!

Hope you are feeling a lot better now!


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wishing you a 'happy dinet anniversary!'

thank you so much for all that you contribute to this site...both through your thoughtful, helpful, compassionate posts and through the faces of dinet website. i love that you created that and we can see faces of the folks we spend so much time communicating with.

you are a HUGE blessing here...


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