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petickia? (spell?) Blood spots


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:) Questions again! My 11 year old daughter has begun to get blood spots. The other night we made a recipe where we broke up pretzels. She helped. Two hours later there were blood spots all over her palms where the rough edges of the pretzels pushed into her skin. She is also getting them on the inside of her lower lip. Any ideas? Or has anyone experienced something similar?

Thanks so much.

PS: We are heading to Cleveland to see a new pedi gastro doc this coming Wednesday.....pray for us:)

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I've only gotten broken blood vessels as you described on my face--from straining from coughing w/ pneumonia...and also after a long stomach virus and many episodes of vomitting.

Nina :)

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I get blood spots ( not sure if this is what you mean) after I scratch my skin. Ususally when I have hives. But sometimes for no reason. They are small, purple/brownish spots and go away after a few days.

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Guest tearose

I got these spots on my face and chest after delivering my first baby. It was from the force of pushing during the childbirth process.

My son had these spots on his face after being very active during basketball games. You would only notice them on the places where he was wearing a headband or something was pushing against his skin. We took him to have it checked out. The doctor sent him for testing and it was discovered to be a "temporary" bleeding time problem that was from a virus. It seemed to be gone as fast as it came. He hasn't had this since.

Maybe just the pressure of pushing and crushing the pretzels, caused this to happen to your daughters hands. The question is still whether this is just a passing fluke or do you need to take it further? Hopefully you can ask on Wednesday when you see the new doctor. My prayers go with you. Good journey, good wishes, tearose

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