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Coq10-How Much Do You Take?


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I have read contradictory information regarding CoQ10. Some say high dosages are bad, some say not enough research has been done, while others say high doses can be effective for certain conditions. My son was taking 100 mg 2 times per day and they want to increase it to as much as 1500 mg a day.

In November, they upped his dose of CoQ10 to 400 mg 2 times per day. After his 2nd dose he got extremely dizzy/nauseas and became dehydrated from vomiting all day. His temperature then dropped to 93 degrees. He ended up in the ER and admitted overnight until he stabilized. Also, to mention, at the same time he had slept with his window open and his room was freezing in the morning. So, his crash was either caused by the new dose of CoQ10, the freezing temperature in his room or just all a coincidense that he crashed at the same time. After that crash, I returned to the 100 mg 2 times per day.

I am just wondering how much CoQ10 everyone else is taking. I am slowly upping the amount I am giving him and spreading it out over the course of the day.


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