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Frightened And Frustrated


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greetings all--

i apologize in advance for this tiresome post.

someday i hope to tap out a pithy upbeat paragraph with some

tremendously positive news, intelligent guidance.... but for now

i am simply frustrated and filled with questions. please read on...

Q: does any one have low systolic BP and normal diastolic BP when standing upright? say 90/72? 100/78?

Q: how common is narrowed pulse pressure amongst us? i have read a variety of posts that reference narrowed

pulse pressure, but i am curious as to how many of us deal with this regularly?

seated my BP is normotensive... but upright something new is happening.

scheduled to see cardio next week-- but in the meantime trying to deal with the added weakness lightheadedness etc that

accompanies this new BP development.

when i discussed the BP issue w/ PCP last thursday she said that she had lots of people who "get around with low blood pressure"

moments later she chimed in with: "i have your EMG results" "oh there is nerve damage that is affecting your left side--so it is not in your head"

i was enraged by her cavalier attitude--but i need her referral for the mayo... so i basked in her blather and took a copy of the EMG results,

needless to say she offered no real input re: the narrowed pulse pressure or the low systolic pressure.

(an aside--am looking for new PCP in boston area... your suggestions would be appreciated)

i feel very unwell when my pulse pressure is narrowed--under 20 is a challenge. am NOT on any meds that affect BP or beta blockers.

would welcome and appreciate feedback re: lowered systolic pressure and narrowed pulse pressure in general.

thank you.

with healthful regards,


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I have been having a very odd few days so I have been taking my b/p & h/r several times and I just had a very small episode and went for a walk. I got home took them and it was 94/52 with 124 h/r. I often have numbers like that in the morning when I first wake up. I have not seen 120/80 in YEARS! LOL! If I'm over 100 I say a little "whoooohooooooo" :lol:


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Don't ever worry about been doom and gloom, apologies are unnecessary. I don't have any words of wisdom either. I have low systolic, but high diastolic: 103/88, 110/97, 121/105. :blink:

I've read that it is indicative of severe dehydration or hypovolemia...or extreme shock and blood-loss. If you aren't bleeding somewhere, I'm guessing its a volume issue. Yeah, less than 20 mm/hg hurts! I guzzle 16-24 ounces of anything and it will get better for a little while (usually till I visit the little girls' room.) I'd probably keep track of it and bring it up with your doc. Most of my docs just shake their heads at my BP and compliment me on my "wonkiness" that day, but they never really DO anything.

Good luck...and keep the liquids up.

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I have narrow pulse pressure in the morning before starting my ritual (2 L salt water daily), it is usually 90/60 or so upon rising. It comes up about an hour later to 110/70 or thereabouts and remains there or sometimes higher during the day. I agree with Firewatcher that it is probably low blood volume, I was diagnosed with that at the same time I had my TTT. Since I've been pushing the fluids I haven't felt too bad, but I do have occasional relapses and I just have to wonder why??? I understand your frustration and if you get some answers please share. Best wishes for your cardio visit.

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good evening,

thank you-- to all-- for your responses. your shared experiences go a long way toward allaying my fears and


i will increase my daily fluid intake-- and see if there is improvement. had stopped using added sea salt--- and seeing

the reference to saline jogged my (foggy) memory. will add incrementally and see if things improve... will report back

if cardio has anything salient to add.

again, thank you!



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My neuro was checking my b/p because I've issues too -- lots of variability - often way too high - meds drastically reduce too low and it's a see-saw with activity as well....first standing it goes way up and stays up awhile --- stand though too long it dips really low and I get faint...

Anyway when the doc did some orthostatic b/p readings in the office - he said I lost my pulse pressure. He asked how I felt. I said ok but maybe a bit lightheaded. He said my heart rate was 100 (after some med adjustments it had normalized in the 70's - so I was shocked with 100 with no activity - cuz that's what it used to be before we "fixed" the sinus tach).

He said the most usual reason for this losing of your pulse pressure was dehydration. Told me to drink 100 oz. of fluid a day. Can't seem to muster that - I need to try harder though.

For most of my life there's been periods where my numbers both systolic and diastolic were barely separated at all -- so I guess that's losing my pulse pressure -- my guess is that I'm chronically dehydrated as I find it hard to drink fluids. Salt isn't good for me with a baseline of hypertension - but I have craved it my entire life.... Just typing this I want to grab a bag of salty chips or pretzels lol

Blessings -- I'm 53 and this hasn't really harmed me yet - so may it be so for you.... And honestly as angry as I got at one doc who told me to simply quit taking my blood pressure when he got tired of my calls ---- I've found that the less I take it - the more peaceful I am. Then when I'm ordered to take it daily it seems like a nuisance -- Because my pattern of high with standing always persists - likely a surge of catecholamines that is very robust with standing - and until I can figure out a way to get a gallon of liquid in a day - things most likely don't won't or haven't changed ... sigh...

Feel Better Soon C... ;-)

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you packed so much into those paragraphs--thank you-nowwhat...

yes--i need to wean myself-- am presently tethered to the BP monitor. if is a fear based behaviour...

when i am at my lowest points-- i cling to the numbers... and try desperately to make sense of it all...

the "see-saw quality" is maddening... today tried to be more consistent with fluids... it seems to help;

also avoided my beloved cohort the monitor... salt: like you, i have craved salt since childhood-- am not sure

whether it helps or hinders me at this point... i do know that i adore it...

aiming for whole, well and sane in the new year.

merci again,

with healthful wishes,


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Can someone explain "pulse pressure?" I have a home BP cuff which reads diastolic, systolic and heart rate, but I'm not familiar with pulse pressure.

many thanks.

Pulse pressure is the difference between the systolic and diastolic numbers. Normal is 30-40, anything less than 20 is NOT normal, unless you have lost a lot of blood or are one of us. :blink:

The Systolic is the pressure in the arteries when your heart squeezes and the diastolic is the pressure when it relaxes. A narrow pulse pressure means that the blood is having a hard time moving around and probably a difficult time getting up to your head.

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