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Switching Birth Control Tomorrow - Scared! Need Advice.


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Tomorrow I am switching from Lo Seasonique (which was working OK overall) to generic Seasonale.

The primary reasons are:

1. My Doctor says Lo Seasonique is too low a dose because I may have PCOS and she wasn't happy with my hormone results, etc.

2. Cost - LoSeasonique is around $200 a package. Generic Seasonale is $30!

3. PCOS may be contributing to my difficulty losing weight so that needs addressed


(levonorgestrel/ethinyl estradiol) Tablets 0.15 mg / 0.03 mg


(levonorgestrel/ethinyl estradiol) Tablets 0.1 mg / 0.02 mg

From what I can tell, the hormone levels don't look dramatically higher. I used to take Seasonique years ago (which is supposedly similar to Seasonale). It is the 'same hormone' so the Doctor doesn't think I'll have adjustment issues.

The pharmacy told me that generic has to be the same hormone as regular - the only 'difference' may be the filler color/packaging.

Does this sound accurate (I hate switching up medicines!). Do you think I have a chance of avoiding noticeable side effects? I'm hoping this change goes smoothly!

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Everyone reacts differently to meds, so I can't really say how your body will handle the change. I can say, though, that in my experience Seasonale has been helpful. I have been on both the brand name and the generic, and I didn't notice a difference between them. They were both good. I took Seasonale a few years ago for 6 months. Then my insurance stopped covering Seasonale (brand name or generic), and I tried another pill. It made me more tired, though, and I stopped the pill entirely for 3 years.

A couple of months ago I had to go back on a birth control pill in an effort to help my body recover from the crash I had in August. My new prescription coverage does cover generic Seasonale, and that is what I am taking again. The generic I have is called Jolessa and is made by Barr Laboratories. It has been helpful for me to have steady hormones, especially since my ANS was really going haywire.

I didn't experience any side effects going onto Jolessa/Seasonale. I wasn't switching from another bcp, though, so I don't know if that will make a difference for you or not.

The only thing my doctor warned me about is being careful to pay attention to any pain that might indicate a blood clot. Because I cannot be very active, and I have to be in bed most of the day, I could be at a higher risk for blood clots caused by the pill.

I hope the transition to a new pill goes well for you.


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Thanks for your reply Rachel.

I'm more nauseous and dizzy and fatigued than usual - but I've been on my period for the last few days and that very well could be it rather than being on the new pill for 2 days. The main reason I am on Seasonale is to only have 4 periods a year. They seem to wipe me out more than anything except the flu with POTS!

My former Gyno who I really liked and trusted told me to always try to get through the pack before deciding, sometimes there is an adjustment time so I know I'll just have to see how it goes. Seasonique is just the 'new' form of Seasonale so that important thing is I'm not switching hormones (which can bother some people more). At least it's the same hormone.

I think my generic is called Quasense. I've heard of Jolessa, too. I read the filler information and there's nothing that bothers me in either so a synthetic hormone should be a synthetic hormone!

Thanks again - I just hate switching up meds!

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