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Having A Hard Time


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So, I ended up in the er again. When i try sitting or standing Im weak, dizzy, tachy, and it feels like my body is being pulled downward. (weird i know) My blood pressure is all over the place 148/100 95 bpm laying down, 138/110 120 bpm standing. After the iv fluids I felt much better, 120/69 80 bpm laying down, 130/80 95 bpm standing. Ive been stable with my readings for so long, I dont understand whats going on and what meds need changed. Im currently on 7.5 mg midodrine, half tab of florinef, 10mg of propranolol, 100 mg of zoloft. Im going to try to speak with my heart doc today but wanted to ask your opinions as well. Since the fluids helped does that suggest I neef more florinef? Will that make my blood pressure too high? Or will it stabilize things?

Thank you for any suggestions! Im really worried about all this. :/

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When I feel really rough I also have the feeling that I am literally being sucked into the earth, like someone has turned gravity up too high, or even that I have something wrapped around my neck that someone is pulling downward - so yes, I guess it sounds weird, but you're not alone.

I wish I had more things to suggest that might help. The only thing I can think of is that I take midodrine 5 mg four times a day, but when I tried to increase the dose to 7.5 I started getting high bp readings for the first time. Did you recently increase your dose?

Sorry things are so difficult right now, let us know how you are doing.

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