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Okay, so let me catch everyone up on the past few weeks...

I got bronchitis which then led to broncular asthma, which I was put on antibiotic, prednisone (40mg for 5 days, then 20mg for 5 days, then every other day), nebulizer and an inhaler. After taking these medications for a few days my body adjusted and I felt pretty good on them. Then came the tapering of the prednisone.

On Thursday and Friday I took 20 mg, and around 4am Saturday morning had a horrible autonomic crash. I woke up and my blood pressure was 160/110 and my heart rate was over 140. I couldn't get my body to calm down so I ended up getting rushed to the hospital but of course they couldn't do anything and the rush eventually subsided. They gave me fluids to help with my orthostatic hypotension that they noticed was pretty extreme after doing orthostatic vitals on me.

Since then, I have been having low blood pressure (even when sitting) and my heart rate has been up in order to compensate. My heart doctor has told me to increase my midodrine, but I'm still having low blood pressure symptoms ex: dizzyness, lightheaded, shaky, tachy, etc...

I don't understand what is going on and why nothing is seeming to help. I was only on the prednisone for a short time, could I really be experiencing withdrawal symptoms? Are they going to go away? My POTS wasn't actually that bad, until I started coming off the steriod now my body is acting like it did when I first got sick four years ago. Ahhhh!!! Any input or suggestions would be great because the doctors around here don't seem to know what to do or how to fix this. I keep insisting that it has to do with the steriods but nobody seems to be listening. I'm supposed to begin taking 20 mg every other day for the next five days and then be completely done with the steriod.. I'm afraid of what is going to happen. :/

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I just wanted you to know you are not alone. I have been having problems with steroids for about four years. It all started with Florinef (which is a steroid too.) I tried to stop taking it, so I didn't take my p.m. pill and woke up at 4:00 a.m. with symptoms exactly like you described. I had high blood pressure, heart racing and pounding horribly, so weak I couldn't walk to the bathroom. I went to the hospital, but ended up just sitting in the parking lot and called my dr. The next morning, still feeling just as horrible, I went to see my cardiologist. He couldn't figure out why I was reacting so severly and advised me to continue on the Florinef, but reduce the dose since my bp was 160 over 100 or so. I went home and continued to feel horrible. My husband had to help me take a bath I was so weak. I called my dr again and he prescribed Zoloft to help with the POTS. I tried to take it, but couldn't tolerate it and ended up at the ER with a heartrate of 160.

It took me about 2 weeks to start to feel "normal" again. Now, if I am even a few minutes late taking the Florinef or if I don't take it on an empty stomach (because the food delays the med from getting into my system) I experience the above symptoms again. I have asthma and am also on a steroid inhaler, Pulmicort, and a steroid nasal spray, Rhinocort. If I miss a dose of these steroids, I feel all those horrible symptoms again.

Someone on here suggested that the steroids might have been helping with another condition (MCAD) and when I miss taking them, I am having a mast cell reaction. During one of the episodes when I felt bad I tried some Benadryl. I did feel better while it was in my system. I am considering trying to take Claritan or Zyrtec and wean off the Florinef, but I haven't gotten brave enough yet. I am very intolerant of most meds.

You might want to try some Benadryl, Claritan, or Zyrtec just to see if it helps you feel any better. Hope you feel better soon.

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I have been using cortisone and inhalers for years. Cortisone does cause issues but I also know that inhalers (most of them) are beta-activists and therefore accelerate the heart rate a lot. Anytime I am on my inhalers for a prolonged time, I have a much harder time controlling anything that goes on with my body. :rolleyes: I hate cortisone myself...

I hope everything calms down for you soon :)

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