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Lost Ability To Sweat Until Menopause


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I have not sweated in hot climate for years! I may a little bit under arms or with cold feet when not appropriate (like when cold/nervous)

Now I am in full blown menopause (no estrogen and FSH at 132.

I've experienced hot flashes in last 3 months. (Exercise is NOT HELPING them AT ALL by the way and I've even way stepped up my routine but I digress)

While not drenched, I do get to perspiring on abdomen, head, under arms and one night had to change night shirts.

Anybody else experienced this? MY ANS doc just thought it was interesting but nothing with my body suprises him.

Good news is when it hits at night this cold weather/cold house doesn't bother me. My room gets down to 60 at night. We keep house cold due to utility bill & DRESS in many layers, turtlenecks and stuff.

Anyway, I am kicking a## & taking names at the Y and hope to improve things with exercise. Will update in a couple of months.

Vanderbilt used to claim women got 'better' after menopause, others disagreed.

in 2001, Dr. Grubb just said to 'expect big changes after menopause..probably for the worse'.

Well, exercise tolerance is improving though I do need low dose gabapentin to help with post exercise pain/flu like symptoms but is ok trade in order to HAVE BETTER EXERCISE TOLERANCE! Also somedays all I can do is drive down the street to the Y and exercise but it's been my MAIN PRIORITY!!!! so it's been working for me.

But back to sweating, anybody else notice changes in menopause.


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I had to have a hysterectomy a couple years ago. I take great hormones from a compounding pharmacy. I have a doctor that knows a lot about them. No flashes, migraines, or the rest of the things that happen from no hormones. Eye health, Brain function,

bones, skin, etc are all so important to me.

I hope I never have to go without the correct hormones. They have been wonderful for helping to support my overall health. I hope you feel better!

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