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Valsalva Made Me Feel Betterish


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I recently had an autonomic function test (Valsalva, tilt, sweat test). I haven't got the results yet but i was told that I don't sweat.

Anyway, before I did the Valsalva the DR said it would make me feel like my head was going to blow off.

It felt a little uncomfortable but I actually felt better the minutes after the Valsalva and was able to do the test 3 or 4 times.

I have the chronic feeling of dizziness / light head all the time and this made it go away (even if it was only for a few minutes!)

can anyone explain why?

I was just curious as the Dr said it would make me feel bad, though I actually felt betterish. I told him and he just laughed!


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Wow, I would say no thanks to that test. Scary to do that to the tubes etc, for the inner ear. I didn't have a test for sweating, I can tell I don't sweat, you have to be careful if you get hot. I stay cool.

For me, the lightheadedness was the lack of blood to the brain like most people have. Didn't he think that was it? I have continued to improve with my supplements.

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he wasn't really discussing the result thoroughly! he needed to make some calculations and then send the results to my neuro who will discuss them with me!

the sweat test was quite easy as they just placed electrodes on my skin, one on my arm and one on my leg. i thought i didn't sweat in places, and this confirmed it. though i know the bottom of my feet sweat, my stomach and chest sweat and a little bit of my forehead does.

have the supplements helped with sweating for you?

yeah i think the dizziness is lack of blood, but i tested for weak vestibular too, so its a mix. i've had a spect scan which can measure some aspect of blood (hypoperfusion) in the brain but you are laying down for it so its not too helpful!

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