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My Recent Ttt


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I had a TTT last week and found out I am "hyperadrenergic". This is the first TTT that had "electrode" sensors on my forehead to measure brain oxygen AND a continuous b/p monitor on my finger, along with the other stuff. Okay, I AM from the woods!

It showed that I had resting vitals around pulse-85, b/p 122/80.

I lasted 40 minutes upright and then they put me down(literally!). I never fainted and never felt like I was going to faint. I just felt my usual icky self from being upright. My feet got itchy, a little chest pressure, a pounding, racy heart, then hot. The usuals.

I found out upright my pulse stayed around 120-125(I guess qualifies again for POTS), and b/p averaged about 170/100, with systolic spikes going over 200!!

I had no idea my sytolic jumps that high.

And, all that with standing still. No wonder when I try and "exercise" I burn out so quickly! I am get a cardio workout just by standing up everyday!! Well, I guess in a not good way.

So, I will go back in a week or so to ask my million questions. I didn't have the presence of mind to ask the two doctors that were there for the whole procedure. I must have appeared in a stupor, as he explained what had happened and I just nodded. Later, when all the catecholamines had settled down on the trip home, I could think of all the things I would like to have asked him.

And, if that is the kind of catecholamine release just from standing, that's why I can't tolerate ANY stress(good or bad), as it just throws more adrenaline out.

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So, guess I'm from the woods too because I've not had a TTT with those additional items (sensors on the forhead etc.) But it would be interesting. What did the "brain oxygen" sensors show, do you know yet?

Sounds like you got some more info to add into your mixed up puzzle pieces. Some day they're going to make a really gorgeous picture. :)

Let us know what you find out in your follow up appt!

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an aside... sensors on forehead... when i had my TTT and tilt training sessions, in central europe last summer, they placed

sensors on my forehead... and as you wrote--these are to measure oxygen saturation... when i took my

results to mass general a few weeks back.. i explained that the TTT's (4 or 5) were performed in the EU. my doctor

looked at the results and asked, "what are these columns here..." i explained that the ox sat --for both the

left and right hemispheres were documented in these columns... he looked suprised and asked how they

measured the ox sat... i said that i thought that the sensors on my head must have provided the data...

the woods are dark and deep EVERYWHERE.

please share what you learn. wishing you good luck on the journey for answers...

with my best, cordelia

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Okay, now I feel like maybe I just hit a good autonomic center if they are doing the "new" stuff! I just figured everyone else was having the good stuff done on their testing and I was just catching up.

I will let y'all know what I find out.

The only thing I wish is that they would have tested my norepinephrine levels while in the throes of the cat. surge. I am always curious. :)

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