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Some hydration help info...it helps!


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I am new to the forum, and LOVE it. What a great outlet! Thank you ALL for your participation.

I just wanted to let you all know of a product I have discovered that really seems to help me with hydration and electrolyte issues.

It is called Hydralyte. It is a Gatorade type product but without so much of the sugar and additives. It was designed specifically for people who need to replenish fluids and electrolytes FAST. It comes in a powder form. You just add water. I found it online...if you do a Google search for Hydralyte you'll find it. You could probably find it in some health food stores as well.

I have real issues with keeping fluids and electrolytes in check. My body doesn't seem to be able to regulate electrolytes at all anymore, so this stuff is a big help.

If you have similar issues, I REALLY recommend it.


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Hi Kristin and welcome to the forum. Dehydration is such a big issue with POTS so I am glad that you have found something that works for you. I was so excited when someone posted about this product months ago and I ordered several packages. Unfortunately for me it upset my electrolyte balance terribly and I had to stop drinking it. Someone else I recall had the same problem. But, we are all different and something that works for 1 doesn't for the others. That's why it is so good we share all the good and the bad experiences!!

I hope you will share more of your story so we can get to know you better. Looking forward to your posts!

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hey there..

Good idea! hydration is so important to everyone , but especially to us POTS people. I use a simular type of hydration drink as you described, its a powder you add to a glass, or bottle and fil up with water and it is really good at replacing electrolites and keeping you hydrated throughout the day, its called Staminade sport. I am unsure if it is sold in America or anywhere else though, i live in Australia. It might be though, i am not sure where my mum purchased it from, i think it was a supermarket or health food store. Hope that helps.

luv kybutterfly. :):)

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