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Do You Get Low Blood Sugar?


Do you get low blood sugar?  

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I have had very severe syptoms of hypoglycemia. It has never shown up in a random blood sugar draw though. I just think it's the whole hormonal system breakdown that occurs with this type of condition. I have been able to control mine with cutting out grains and sugars. Heavy protein and good fats.

I meant replacing it with lots of protein and good fats like avocados, olive oil etc.

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Yes, blood sugar issues. Insulin resistance problems. Your body doesn't take the insulin into the cells properly. As a youngster - 12 years old I've had severe hypoglycemia as an adult it swings - not real high but higher than what is now considered normal. Depending on what I eat - makes the difference of what happens with it. I'm now on a new diet - no sugar, milk or glutten. I'm feeling a lot better. Also, have lowered the salt down and even though I think I'm still not uptaking fluids correctly - I do feel better. My kidneys don't seem to hurt as bad and my energy is getting better. Since finding out that autoimmune issues do play a part in me - this diet should help that considerably. I'm starting to lose weight too. Which is a big plus.

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I was found to have lots of fluctuations in my glucose levels. I mostly have lows though and they dip really quite low. I was lucky enough for my doctor to catch them with a random glucose metre test but my actual blood tests always came out normal. My doctor decided not to treat it but I have had to change my eating habits. Everything is much more stable now that I am no longer working. :)

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