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Women Only Please :)


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Hi all,

Been a while since I've visited the site. The last time I came on here I was battling with my GP to get me referred to see Dr Mathias in London. After months and months of arguing and pushing for a referal I got to see Dr Mathias last month :D

I have never been so happy in so long because he actually knew what I was talking about and didn't make me feel like I was mad or worse still a hyperchondriac. He said he thinks he can help me and have to go in for a couple of days's testing. Seems mad to be so excited that you have found what is wrong with you but as you will know, it makes you feel like that after so long and that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. :)

Anyway, what I wanted to ask and I may have this all wrong (as usual) after I had my appointment I was looking on the internet and came accross something about adrenal something or other which is a kind of dysautonomia and that normally it goes hand in hand with gynae problems. Strangely enough All my problems started about two years ago, soon after emergency surgery on my ovarian tube. I had had a serious infection.

Dr Mathias asked me about problems with birth and I had complications with both (which I won't bore you with) I didn't mention anything about the operation two years ago because I didn't think it was relevant. Does anyone think I should have mentioned this? Do I have my facts right about adrenal and gynae problems? To make matters worse I have ongoing gynae problems and seeing consultant in 2 weeks.

Does anyone know what I am talking about?..... I don't :D

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I don't know if this is relevant, but my problems with dysautonomia started after I carried a gangreene, abcessed appendix around for several months. It went misdiagnosed becaused the doctors thought it was a female problem. They actually went in for surgery to remove an overian cyst and while they were in there, discovered the bad appendix.

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Not sure if this is relevant but years ago when pregnant each time I experienced stronger pots symptoms (this was a long time ago when they knew nothing about pots). I was told it was 'all in my head.' Or that the symptoms were 'probably' due to pregnancy.

I believe anything gyno or ob. related can contribute to pots symptoms.

If I was you I'd make a list (so as not to forget anything while at your appointment) and tell the doc everything. Some of it may be relevant, some not. But I believe in full disclosure with whatever symptoms that are bothering us. I also believe in 'gut instinct' and that often we really do know what causes some problems.


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