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Ok!!! Its Official I Give Up!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have been trying for the last 6 months to get a doctor to treat me with octreotide both here and in the uk.

So i give up im sick to death of begging doctors I dont even know to give me a chance and let me trial this drug.

Im sick of the rejection!

I sick of the lack of knoldge of this condition in Ireland and of its treatents!

No one anywhere in this country cares.

I so over it. Il just struggle on for the rest of my life with unbareable fatigue and tachycardia, and hypotension and sure I could go on for days with the list of symptoms.

Thanks everyone on here who has tryed to help me and who has put up with my Octreotide Topics for all this time.

So utterly fed up of the non-caring doctors in this country.

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I rang his sec during the week and got his email and have emailed him and have not received a reply as of yet. I hear his waiting list is massive though.

I also emailed Dr. J Newton who emailed me back today and said she has experience using the drug but that it would be hard to treat me with it because of the distance.

At least some gets me lol, Im just so fed up I really am Its becoming a joke now it really is whats the point In having doctors if they cant offer you the treatments which might be of benefit.

Iv tryed everything else, beta blockade, flurneff, Midodrine, and SSRI's thats all doctors are willing to give in Ireland due to the lack of knoldge so basically Thats it for me I just have to struggle on for how ever long I am going to be effected with this condition

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Guest tearose

Hang on there!

It is okay to throw in the towel for a bit and try to rest up from all the effort and energy you have been investing in trying to help yourself.

However, please do not give up hope that you will find a way to manage again.

I hear a lot about Prof. Mathias in London... can you make your way to him?

sending support

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Jonathan, Please don't give up. It is so easy to be discouraged and frustrated in dealing with doctors. Some of them (not all) drive you nuts and some of them (not all) just don't listen or get it, but please remember you need to keep at it for yourself. You are so young and the world of medicine keeps changing everyday...new things keep happening. So take time to regroup and then charge ahead. If I am too pushy, I apologize....but I am concerned and wish you well. Lots of hugs.

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Johnathan , I met a girl on another forum and all her symptoms were like ours ,

she didnt know what was wrong with her (but I knew from her description).

She made a appointment with her gp who then tested her standing blood pressure and heart rate, he then agreed she had orthostatic problems and sent her to prof mathias.

She waited 8 weeks to see him which I thought was really impressive ,

her appointment was 2 weeks ago. So push to see him .

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Thanks do much everyone for your nice comments and words of widsom I really makes me feel like im not alone.

I guess Ireland has alot to learn when it comes to Autonomic Dysfunction and I hope in years to come lots will have changed and the knoldge will have advances greatly.

Mirry. thanks for all ur wisdom too ur great. Thats not so bad hopefuly Il be able to get a referral in there and see him soon.

Thanks guys ur so great I actuallly smilling today reading ur comments so thank u,

Jonathan. xxx

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