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  1. I vote yes. I have had one the last two years without any complications. I just can't imagine getting the flu with this condition. Sinus infections are horrible enough. For me the benefits outweighed the risks. Talk to your doctor and I'm sure you'll make the best decision for you.
  2. Jonathan, Please don't give up. It is so easy to be discouraged and frustrated in dealing with doctors. Some of them (not all) drive you nuts and some of them (not all) just don't listen or get it, but please remember you need to keep at it for yourself. You are so young and the world of medicine keeps changing everyday...new things keep happening. So take time to regroup and then charge ahead. If I am too pushy, I apologize....but I am concerned and wish you well. Lots of hugs.
  3. I think I am your long lost twin. I read the post to my family and they were like "Yep that's you". I am going through it now. Yesterday, I felt very feverish and had sweats ;and today I was very manic like the energizer bunny. I believe the crash will be tomorrow (or even sooner I can feel the tremors and starting to sweat again) and before the crash usually my mood will drastically change. I become very on edge. This is a cycle that just keeps repeating and repeating and repeating. My body always feels like it is fighting something...like a virus, but I know I don't have one. I have to agree with you it is very annoying. Nice to know I am not alone. It is crazy isn't it?
  4. You are not alone. I had been taking florinef for about a 3 weeks when I was in the classroom and I thought a bug had bit me on the arm. It just welted up. Then all the students and my aid were saying your face is red. I had turned into one big welt. The school nurse gave looked me over and I had welts all over my back too. The nurse gave me a benedryl and it all subsided. I also took antibiotic that day, so everyone(drs) reasoned it was the antibiotic that gave me the welts. The next day I took the florinef and not the antibiotic. I started driving into work and I felt my tongue start to swell, I knew I was in trouble. I was having a more severe reaction that the day before. I was swelling up like a balloon inside and out. Luckily, I drive by a hospital on my way to work and I went right there...All the doctors did't and still don't understand how I could be allergic to florinef, but I am. It sounds like you are too!
  5. I was a first grade teacher. It will be two years in March when I first collapsed in the classroom and this whole thing started. Last year, I attempted to go back to work and I only made it half way through the school year. My body just can't handle it anymore. Now I am stuck at home and wish I were working. Miss it terribly and so sick of this whole thing...sorry to be such a downer.
  6. Hi! I get this too. You described it perfectly. I have no idea what it is, but it seems to be happening more and more to me. I know its not growing pains (LOL). I am 50. I try rubbing my legs (doesn't seem to help so much). It just goes away on its own. I am going to mention it to my doctor next visit. Wish I could be of more help. Hope you are feeling better. Take care...
  7. I forgot you were the one that helped me way back when I started taking it. ughh....the brainfog or old age. I do hope you figure this out. Do some people build up a tolerance?
  8. Happy Birthday! I am on topiramate 50 mg 2X day and in the beginning I had tingling sensations in my hands, feet and jaw. I started it in May and the sensations lasted awhile. Diet soda taste metallic too. Now there are no sensations and never a headache. It also seems to keep my blood pressure spikes down and calmed down my nervous system. Hope it works for you.
  9. I am so glad this topic was posted, because I have been feeling like such a slug. All I do is wear loungewear and its not really too attractive (sweats and pjs). No makeup--only sometimes when I go out which is hardly ever (I am not able to drive at this point). I simply have no energy. Getting cleaned up and dressed is such a process. It just drains you. Crazy. It seems like such an effort. This is from a woman who showered before she went to work and when she came back home. Now if I think I can wait til tomorrow, I will wait til tomorrow. If this post is not making sense, it is because my brain is not functioning too well at the moment---forgive. I forgot to mention I still keep buying makeup in the hopes that I will start to use it again regularly even just for myself inside the house or maybe I will get to go out more. I have to keep thinking positively. I also think I need cuter loungewear.
  10. I agree with using the neti pot everyday. As a person who use to get sinus infections on a monthly basis (use to teach 1st grade and caught everything), I was always taking anitbiotics. Since using the neti pot, I nip the infections and I don't need the antibiotics (my new Pots body does not like them anymore). Love my neti pot.
  11. Hi Susan! It sounds like me too and all my tests come back fine. I am the healthiest sick person around. I am on a beta blocker. I still have spikes in blood pressure, but not as high. It goes from 90/60 ( reg for me ) to 140/90. I get very ill when this happens. All these strange symptoms and the doctors, just don't understand. Hope you are feeling better----Pat
  12. Me too! Me too! I feel and behave exactly the same way. I guess I haven't come to terms with everything and I am kind of an emotional mess lately. I am or was a teacher and I know this fall I won't be going back into the classroom (I've been out of work since Jan.) My moods lately are like a roller coaster--she is happy ---she is mad--she is crying----very frustrating for my family. It is a ride I am sure they want to get off. Me too! I just wake up everyday and hope I'll be able to handle it better and tackle the day as it comes. It is so nice to know I am not alone and that there are others out there feeling the same way. Your post came at a time when I really needed it. Thank you.
  13. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers all day...
  14. Rachel, Thanks for the info. I am going to talk to my doctor. Pat
  15. A couple of weeks ago I was just prescribed midodrine (10 mg 3 x a day), but have been too scared to take it. I was officially diagnosed with POTS at the time, but I have these strange blood pressure spikes when laying down that the drs are concerned about (being tested for pheo). I know I am off topic, but has any one had severe high blood pressure from it?
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