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Anyone Else Get This Wierd Feeling??


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its like for a second when i turn my head or make a movement quicker than my body wants. its like that feeling you get when you take the first drop on a roller coaster. or when you fall on your tailbone and have all the breath knocked out of you. i have just been starting to get this and i really dont know whats causing it. it is just for a split second but its starting to get really annoying. anyone else??

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One of my worst sensations happened to me two weeks ago. I'll feel like I was in the process of falling over...it appears to me to be the beginning of a faint or blackout. I may feel extremely dizzy and totally unnerved by the fact that I am on the way to falling. Yet, I tend to come to soon enough to prevent the faint.

I get so unnerved by these episodes since I have no warning....unless standing up for a long time, and then leaning over is a warning????

I will then remain a nervous wreck on the lookout for 'passing out' attacks. So far, it has only happened to me 2 - 3 times over a period of years, but it lowers my confidence until enough time has passed without incident....then it may happen again.

I wonder if my BP is falling? Who knows?

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Hi Sparks and Lieze,

I get those feelings. Always when I'm standing. My first one happened when I was 16. I'm 54 and I still get them. They seem to come in 'episodes' - I'll go ages without experiences them and then have a number of these 'episodes' in the space of a month or so. Very disconcerting (and frightening when I first started to experience them) -- but I've lived with them nearly 40 years and have learned that although they are uncomfortable, nothing worse is going to follow in my case. I gave up years ago asking doctors what it could be. Since being finally diagnosed with POTS 4 years ago I've just assumed they were related to the orthostatic stuff but haven't actually asked my pots doc about it. I guess I should. I keep forgetting. So many questions and so little time, etc.


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Thank you blue.

It does give a sense of peace to think of these episodes as nothing more than an uncomfortable sensation.

You are living proof that nothing came of it.

It just is what it is a sensation.

I guess equilibrium and homeostasis are really quite the miracle and it isn't so odd that a body with so much going on would sometimes get the message wrong or send a false signal.

Thanks for that reassurance.

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