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Episode Of House

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We (me and kids) were watching house last nite. They (House and his group) were all freaking out because the patient's hr was rising to 144. They called it "thru the roof".

Even my kids laughed....they said you used to wake up with yours at 150.- 160 ...what are they talking about!! Movememnt could easily bring it close to 200....as you have all experienced. But it is not really a serious - yeah right!:blink::D

Sorry - just my sick sense of humor after all this. Erika

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Guest tearose

Thank you for sharing the laugh!

It really surprises me that others still don't get our "range of normal" for POTS!

Well, although it it only a tv show, maybe someone is getting an opportunity to learn...

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Just had my reveal monitor downloaded the other day, my highest tachycardias are in the 190-210 range. Guess I'm off the charts!


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