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Pots And Chicken Pox


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As some of you may have read, I've been in a remission of sorts. Last night my son said he was itchy all over. I found some little red bumps. Looked them up on google images, and they look like pox to me. I was wondering what implications this might have for me. IF I catch it, will it throw me into a POTs hole? I did have CP as a kid my mom said. Wondering what if anything I should do.

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Not so fast.....If you had chicken pox as a child, you don't get chicken pox. However, you can get shingles. Before I got POTS, I did get chicken pox from my daughter. (My pediatrician cautioned me not to have my mother come to "lovesit" while I was at work because of the risk of her getting shingles. That was before there was a chicken pox vaccine. Last year, I received a shingles vaccine which is recommended for us older folk.

I am surprised your child didn't get the chicken pox vaccine.

When I had the chicken pox, I was age 40. I knew for sure that unless you were so little that you had no recall of anything you would remember the chicken pox. The itch was terrible and you look so miserable.

I would be most concerned about shingles.


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Shingles is the chicken pox virus that becomes reactivated in one's own system. You don't get shingles from a child with chicken pox. You get shingles from your own past infection. However, a person with shingles can transit the virus to a person who has not been infected with chicken pox. So, a person with shingles should not be babysitting a child who has not received their varicella vaccine, or else the child may get chicken pox. There is a vaccine for patients over 60 that helps boost immunity to varicella and decrease the likelihood of reactivation/shingles.

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