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I have asthma and can't tolerate Albuterol and Singulair. They both make my heart race and pound. I have an appt. to see my allergist tomorrow and I would like to see what meds that all of you can tolerate. I am on a steroid inhaler (Pulmicort)and Rhinocort nasal spray. When I get a cold (like now) these meds just aren't enough.

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I can't tolerate Albuterol either. Took one puff years ago and it sent my heart rate to 180 laying down!! Almost went to the ER for that, but managed to sit it out for the 2 hours it took for the med to start to wear off.

My asthma is mostly controlled without meds, BUT if I have a flare, I take Xopenex as a nebulizer treatment and Maxair as an inhaler. I've found neither screws with my heart rate too much - though both will make it jump a little (from my baseline of 100 to around 125)


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