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Changing The Wellbutrin Sr To Regular Wellbutrin 2 X Daily


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Well, I've been having gut issues for a very long time. Too be more specific, CONSTIPATION"! Sorry folks, just plain tired of dealing with the misery of it. Many people with POTS, EDS, or both suffer with this relentlessly.

I'm sure the spine instability that has caused neuro problems has a role in this also. One thing I have thought about is diet. I'm careful to stay away from foods that mess with my diverticuli since I have 3/4 of colon covered with it, along with a very large one in my small intestine.

When I went for my regular checkup with Dr. Grubb I mentioned changing my Wellbutrin from 100mg SR to taking two doses of 50mg of the wellbutrin twice daily. REASON? One thing that I can't eat is corn because the way it digests. Wellbutrin is much the same. You really don't want details on this, but you all know about corn. I had two major flairs with the diverticuli in the small intestine, and a smaller one with the large intestine. The first flair caused a fever for two days after eating two ears of corn. My thought was that the wellbutrin accumulates in the diverticuli pockets slowing digestion further. The SR wellbutrin has a casing around it that doesn't digest. The medicine is slowly released through this casing. h

I can't eat oatmeal either, as it gets caught in those diverticuli pouches also.

Colonoscopy has been put off more times then it should have been. Once it was because I was sick, and another was because it was scheduled the same week my mother died. Then my gastro doc and pcp decided to do a barium enema/double contrast GI. This was over two and a half years ago. Since then a couple other colonoscopies have been cancelled bacause of unstable POTS, and the pcp said I can't handle sedation or the prep. Well I finally have a gastro doc from the Cleveland Clinic who is willing to do it without sedation. She said only a couple docs at the cleveland clinic will do it this way, and she said it takes a special touch. She is one of them that does it, and she sets an hour appt. for it so she can go slow with the scope. She had all my medical history in fornt of her as I have been there before, but they were going to use sedation. I saw her first, but ended up seeing another GI doc who wanted to used propofol. Unfortunately I have been dealing with further progressive spine issues, and the pannus growth on the odontoid bone near the brain stem has caused further narrowing. I've had progressive breathing issues, and see the neurosurgeon on Oct. 6th to hear what he has to say about the latest test results.

The EDS has caused this whole mess, and I would have never imagined this 8 years ago.

I hope changing the wellbutrin around this way at least helps with the gut issues.

Maxine :0)

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Thanks :) , I may get an ultrasound before the test. Reason? I feel a tube shaped hard lump on lower left abdomen. SCARY! My brother died from colon cancer in Feb. 2009. We don't know what kind of cancer my mother had because it was found so late. I think most people know my family history here. Her brother died two weeks after she did, and we know he died from colon cancer. No other members in the family had colon cancer. My Aunt had brain cancer in her 60s. She lived 10 years after the surgery removing most of the tumor.

This lump almost feel like a twisted bowel. I'm always consitpated, and I feel like I'm full sometimes just after a few bites of food. Lower GI bzrium/double contrast enema showed multiple diverticuli, but they weren't sure if I had small polypoid lesions. I can't imagine any of those grwoing into a tumor in less then 3 years. Praying!

I had an upper GI after this to take another look at the diverticuli in duodeum. It's 5cm, and it's been there since my 20s.

Maxine :0)

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