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Found This Pots Article Today!


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I don't know if any of you have seen this article written by a gal with POTS including a Q and A at the end with her and a couple of people. I found this to be very encouraging! I know I love to hear when people are beating this horrible condition. I hope this gives you some encouragement today as it did me!

Hopefully the link will work. I'm not very good at this kind of thing. :)

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the link works, I copy it and came to the site.

always nice to read information about POTS, so this site I will read tomorrow or so.

for me it's sometimes difficult, because I am from the Netherlands. Most of the time I translate english sites.

I have made my own blog because there is not so many information written in dutch language. you can read it and there is an translate option. www.ikhebpots.punt.nl

when I will respons on forums I have to do it in english because it is not possible to write in dutch en that it been translated on his own.

but most of the time people inderstand what I means.

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your English is good and I can understand everything you write. Well done for searching out information not in your own language - it must make learning about POTS harder for you. We have lots of international members on the forum and you will soon make friends here.


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vlinder, i'm in the netherlands too. have been reading your blog. have been in rrc too and my ans doc is at lumc. if you like to talk (in your own language, hahaha)you can pm me. funny thing is that since all my information on dysautonmia/pots is in english i've started to think about pots in english as well. my son once made an essay on pots (in dutch of course) which gave him a 10 (that's an A for all you american people) so there now IS some information on POTS in dutch hahaha.

take care.

corina :)

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