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Addisons Disease and POTS


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First of all I got a clean bill of health and my holter monitor test was normal.

I had an interesting discussion with my cardiologist this morning. I have Addison's Disease and POTS. He said that many Addison's patients develop autonomic problems. I had suspicions that Addison's and Dysautonomia were linked, but this is the first time a doctor has told me that they definitely are. I can't recall all of the technical information he gave me but he says that the dysfunctional adrenal glands can interfere with the autonomic nervous system.

The reason I initially suspected this was because I belong to an online Addison's support group and many of them have low blood pressure problems and orthostatic hypotension. My endocrinologist diagnosed me with mild orthostatic hypotension before I developed POTS.

Does anyone on this board, other than I have Addison?s Disease?

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Guest Mary from OH

I'm being checked for adrenal problems right now. Including, but not limited to pheochromocytoma... My endocrinologist suspects I have adrenal problems and/or thyroid problems. I'll let you know when I get the results.

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I have Schmidt's syndrome which is Addison's Disease and Hypothyroidism together.

I went into full blow Addisonian crisis which should have but did not kill me. Other than POTS, if it is directly linked, I have had no other complications from Addison's. I take 20mg of Hydrocortisone in the Morning and 10mg at night.

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