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Holiday Blues


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Hi guys,

So sorry I haven't been on lately. I've had some pretty bad days. My emotions are all over the map right now. I need your help. Am I just feeling this way because it's the holidays and I'm not able to do the things I want to do or what?? I can't decide if I want to cry or scream anymore. The weather outside is just plain yucky... I don't know why that matters, I haven't been able to go out anyway. Help I need some encouragement right now. Dr. Stillman is admitting me to the Clevland Clinic after Christmas for a few days of observation. When I went to my appointment with him I said "I have packed my bags, I'm ready to stay... I need you to see what is happening to me!" Don't you all just want them to see just how bad it gets? Well he thought it was a good idea and said he wants to do it after Christmas so that he can be with me the whole time. I was very satisfied with that.

By the way sorry I haven't responded about the angels. I'm probably going to have to take your orders after the holidays. (Sorry I know some of you wanted to give them as gifts) My husband and I are making gifts for our family. I have a friend form the meet others program that is going to help me work on the angels.

On a positive note, Michelle I want to say thank you to you. I have a new wonderful friend through your meet others program! She lives about ten minutes from me. We haven't met in person but we talk on the phone all the time. I feel like she is my twin. We have so much in common it's just great. So thank you. I reccomend that you all try to meet the others if you haven't


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Guest tearose

Hi mindy,

I am sending you encouragement! Just remember, the sun is behind those grey skies! It is pouring rain here in the northeast, I guess that is better than mounds of snow!

It is wonderful to see you back! It is always hard to know if silence is good or bad when it comes to someone being gone from the boards for a bit. Please hang in, the tide will change. It is not too long before you get to do that new work-up and your doctor sounds very supportive and caring.

I totally understand that the angel pin project is on hold and that's just fine! It is a type of gift that will be welcome whenever you get around to selling them!

I'm also glad to hear you connected with someone who lives close by.

I've got to practice what I preach so I'm going to go get out of my pj's and get my day started...

just try to do one small good thing for yourself today...I'll check up on you later, hugs, tearose

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I was also worried about you and glad to know you are at least well enough to log on--and that you have some more work-ups coming up with a good doctor.

Sorry you are feeling down. This time of year can be dreary, which doesn't help--especially when, on top of it all, you can't participate in the holiday activities as you want to.

Whenever you want to sell your angels, I'm ready to help you display their photos on a webpage.


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Guest tearose

Hello Mindy, how was your day? Did you color your hair? I wanted to let you know that I thought of you today. I wished I had some funny joke or happy thing to say to you...Here is my best attempt after thinking it over. I think you should just take a long winter's nap and wake up in late december after the holidays and just before you have to leave for the cleveland clinic! That is one way to deal with the holiday scene! So, really now, how are you doing? Can you manage to do less stuff for the season and just take time to prepare for the clinic? Maybe you can go to someone else's home for the holiday and let it go this year? Just think, if you don't hang any decorations you won't have any to take down and put away!

Keep your chin up! Take care, tearose

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i was worrying about you too as it seemed 'unlike you' to not follow up on the angels. i thought maybe you weren't feeling well.

if anyone will understand needing to put off a project b/c of not feeling well...it's us! so, please do not feel guilty or that you have let us down. we will simply look forward to the angels when you are ready to do them. we will buy them knowing you created them at a time when you were able to enjoy it, rather than being under stress.

i cannot tell you how often my intentions are good, but i am unable to follow through! i WANT to do all of these things, but my energy peters out! especially in the correspondence dep't.

this time of year is definitely hard. the weather here today was so windy it was crazy! do you live near the cleveland clinic or will you have to travel far? thankfully, you are under good care and have a doctor who is taking you very seriously. that is half the battle.

i had a down day today too...it is so hard when you have a little more energy and get to do more...the relapses seem even harder! so, i just wanted to say...you are not alone in this and having down days...

it's hard not to beat ourselves up...i do it all of the time!...for having 'bad days'...but, i hope you will be gentle on yourself and dye your hair if that will cheer you up! :)

later alligator!

thanks for updating us on you...


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Tearose and Emily,

Thank you so much for your caring thoughts. It's so wonderful to have a team of support. I had a long cry yesterday and I have to say I felt much better. I did color my hair and I guess you could say it's the new me for awhile. The most amazing thing happened yesterday. After having such a depressing day I recieved a card in the mail, from a lady I have never known. It was a card encouraging me that those around me are praying for my health...etc. Well I asked the whole family and nobody knows her.... how cool is that. It made me feel so wonderful that someone that I don't even knows is thinking about me.

Thank you guys for your support.... today is much better



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