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Well, I went to the doctors today to get my test results from my 24-hour Holter Monitor, and she said that I had a normal sinus rythm (which is good I guess), but that they wanted me to go for another test...A Colour Echo Doppler. On the paper it says ST-T Wave Inversion...I'm pretty scared, because I am not sure what that is, and I am thinking it must be something kind of bad if they want to do a test for it. I don't know what's going to happen....I just want to lay around the house and do nothing most of the time, and now with this news....It's going to be even worse, I know it. I asked what it the ST-T Wave Inversion meant, but they didn't really give me a clear answer, if anyone has any information on it, i'd really appreciate it. Oh, and an update on my health lately...I've been feeling a lot better, I even played a very hard game of ball hockey on saturday, and didn't have any real effects....just out of breath of course :). This new news kinda of hurts though, not knowing what's going on inside of you is hard for me to do deal with, and I wish it would all just go away.

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Hi, Anthony. Please call your doctor if you have ongoing concerns about the nature of the tests you're undergoing. Don't be afraid of not understanding the initials or words on the test order--few of us do! The Medical Disclaimer on the first page of this forum is essential to remember: "The content [on the forum] should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Readers are encouraged to confirm all information with other sources and a physician."

We all mean well in our replies to one another, but you should take everything--and I mean EVERYTHING (especially meals :) ) with a healthy dose of salt. You need more information--call your doctor!

In the meantime, you wrote that you've been feeling a little better lately (if also winded during sports--who wouldn't be?) ... so hang on to that! I hope you continue to improve.

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i am sorry to go off-topic here. but i have been reading your posts...and this one got my ire a bit.

you have come here for help and support...and i think you have been given a lot of it. yet, you just said you don't believe in POTS? that it is just a waste-basket diagnosis?

i am sorry, but that is not true. POTS is real, and many of us are very, very sick from this. i haven't responded to some of your other comments, but this one, i do not feel it is fair for you to say that to those of us who are sick with this.

POTS is a real illness...and we here, are trying to educate and spread the word about this misunderstood illness. b/c something is a 'syndrome' does not make it 'not real', it just means that it is a 'cluster of symptoms'.

many of us got sick as quickly or suddenly as you did and were very active and high-functioning before. we had or continue to have the same goals in life as you do. you say that you do not understand how you could get sick so fast? think about how fast the flu can come on? or food poisoning? FAST! it is the same with many of us with POTS.

i had the 'world before me' when i got sick at age 22...and i am not LESS of a person b/c i of this illness. life is just different. i find meaning in different ways. yes, i still want all the other stuff i can't do, but i find contentment and meaning in what i can do.

i know that you are frustrated from the lack of support you are receiving and not feeling 'up to par'. it is not my intention to minimize that. i don't wish illness on anyone...young or older. please possibly seek some counseling or professional help to help you deal with the emotions you are feeling. i know you are really struggling.

this post may get edited or deleted. i am not trying to be mean or rude. but i felt that i must speak up. please, veryblue, remember that disability does not discriminate. none of us here 'chose' to be sick or 'chose' not to get better.


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Anthony, sorry, I deleted my own post by accident... such is life :)

Back to your issues--again, I have st-t wave inversions, and all my ecg's say that I have possible LVH hypertrophy. Best thing to do is 1) do not worry yet as the electrocardogram is not able to see the actual structure of your heart--it can only "see" the electrical output and 2) follow up with your doctor.

It's typical for a doctor to suggest a battery of tests to double check if there is an abnormal ekg. I've had 2 stress echo cardiograms and a few other echocardiograms without teh stress test portion. It's basically an ultrasound that allows them to see the structres and see if there actually is any thickening of the walls of the heart. In my case, everything was completely normal.

You can always call your doctor for clarification, and should do so if you feel that you don't fully understand a diagnosis given to you, or a test, etc.


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Thanks for the replies. Mightmouse...They didn't find anything on my orginall EKG that was done at the hostpital. But I guess they found something in my 24-hour holter monitor. My doctor said (in these same words almost) "Everything seemed to come back normal, but they did see a few funny things that they want to check out with another test (the doppler one), but it appears as though it's fine" I really hope everything is fine, but I don't know, cuz on the appointment slip it says the ST-T Wave Inversions then under that it says R/O and beside that it says LVH, which I now know what that is. I am pretty sure if it was anything MAJOR they found, they would of told me, but I guess this next test will help me understand if I have anything even more.

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